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Everyone is Creative – Yes, Even You!

Everyone Is Creative - Yes, Even You!

Creativity is everywhere, and everyone has creativity in them.

Being creative isn’t something you either have or don’t have. You simply need to learn to tap into your creative abilities and for some, this might take some work. Everyone is creative in different ways and your way of being creative might not seem like creativity to someone else, and vice verse. Forcing yourself to create on an ongoing and regular basis is best the way to uncover your creative genius.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. ~Einstein

You Are Designed to Explore and Learn

From the moment you were born, you were trying to find ways to explore. From the day you realized you could get around on your own and learn by seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting, you started your creative journey. Learning by its very nature is a form of creativity.

When you’re working on learning something new, a process, skill, or just knowledge for the sake of knowing, in order to truly learn it, it had to be acquired, practiced, and eventually mastered. You cannot download information to your brain as you do with a computer. Knowledge and skill come by application and effort over a long period of time. To get to the point of mastery your creativity kicks-in to help keep boredom from setting in.

Learning is constantly taking place, even when you’re not actively trying. Your eyes see things and your mind registers it. Often you’re not consciously aware of the fact that you learned something. Then, at some point in the future, you recall the information when you need it.  Even when you’re just surfing the internet you’re learning random facts via YouTube, Facebook feed, or by reading a friend’s blog post. By just walking around and being alive, you’re learning. Because of this, you’re creative. Learning is a form of creativity.

We Are All Artists When Young

All young children are creative.  They have no fear of making mistakes, trying new stuff, and are on an ongoing mission to have fun.

Coloring, drawing, and painting are favorites of all children. They like building stuff, playing in forts, and making up stories. This is natural from a young age but at some point, we just grow out of that play-like nature. As you grow to an adult, you may think you’ve lost your creativity.

Bringing back that childlike creative nature, which you can do anytime you want, will help you rekindle your creative side. Wear something weird. Daydream. Find pictures as you lay in the grass looking at the clouds. Create a new recipe.

Kids have a great ability for conjuring up their own rules, creating things and stories that don’t exist, exploring new ideas, and just playing all day long. What’s great about this is all you have to do is watch a child, imitate that playfulness, and creativity will come to life in you too.

You Are an Expert in Something

Everyone on the planet has something they can claim expertise to. It may be changing a diaper one-handed in under a minute, or something more traditionally thought of as “creative” such as drawing, knitting, or painting, or something people do daily such as cooking or organizing. If you’re good at something, you’re creative. Find what you’re good at and you’ll see the creativity in how you acquired that expertise.

How To Find Your Creativity

  1. Give yourself permission to just mess up or fail at what you’re doing. This helps you to find the ideas and solutions that you may otherwise would have passed up.
  2. Put yourself on a deadline. There’s nothing better than a constraint to make your mind work and find creative ways to get things done.
  3. Actually FINISH something. Stop the research and get something done. Refer to #1.
  4. Stop judging and comparing your work. You are your worst critic and it doesn’t matter how good someone else is, this is your work. Refer to #1.
  5. Share your work publically. It will force you to create at your highest level.

The fact is, you cannot really, with authority, claim something is or is not creative, because creativity exists even when it’s not recognized. You can be creative in science, in history, in art, or whatever it is you do. Raising a family is creative. Going to work is creative. Decorating your home is creative.

Creativity is in everyone. You just have to find and unleash it.